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My name is Tori Howe and I am a driven and passionate educator dedicated to my students, fostering their growth and essentially providing them with the skills to continue as a lifelong learner.  It is my goal to facilitate engaging and innovative learning experiences, with the ultimate goal of unveiling to my students the value of education.  In order to achieve this, I must act upon my love of learning as well.

Following my graduation from Michigan State University, where I received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Elementary Education (K-5 Self-Contain, 6-8 Language Arts), I enrolled as a graduate student in the Master of Arts in Educational Technology program through MSU as well.  This blog acts as a showcase for the work I produced in the MAET program, and also encompasses some helpful technological tools that I have found effective and want to share with the online world.  Please look around, explore, and utilize any information you find useful!

Fall Harvest



One thought on “Home

  1. Tori, your homepage is phenomenal! This page provides great background information about your website, your teaching background, and yourself. I’m actually live close to Beverly Hills (Royal Oak) and currently teaching in Bloomfield Hills. Our class hasn’t been given much time to prepare our “Home/About Me” portion of our websites so I’m really looking forward to going back and adding something like this to my own website. You’ve created something that’s an excellent example for others to follow when creating this type of page. I hope you’ve already found a job but if not, good luck in your job search!



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